Choosing the Perfect Storage Unit in Booneville, AR – A Complete Guide

By Junil Ochavillo
April 25, 2024

Selecting the right storage unit in Booneville can be a challenging task. This guide will help you understand different storage unit sizes and how to choose one that fits your needs perfectly.

Understanding Storage Unit Sizes

Small Units (5×5, 5×10): 

Ideal for storing boxes, small furniture, or seasonal gear. Great for college students or temporary storage during a home renovation.

Medium Units (10×10, 10×15): 

Can accommodate the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, including appliances, boxes, and modest amounts of furniture.

Large Units (10×20 and up):

Suitable for storing the contents of a multi-bedroom house or full-sized vehicles, these units are perfect for long-term storage or during major transitions such as home relocations.

Selecting the Right Size

Inventory Your Items: 

Take a detailed inventory of all items you plan to store. This helps in choosing a unit that perfectly fits without paying for unused space.

Future Needs: 

Consider potential future needs that might require additional space. Opting for a slightly larger unit now can prevent the hassle of switching units later.


Choose a unit based on how often you’ll need to access your belongings. Ground-floor units or those near the entrance may cost more but provide convenience.

Packing and Storing Tips


Utilize shelving units to keep boxes organized and accessible. Label all sides of each box for easy identification.


Use protective covers for furniture and wrap fragile items in bubble wrap. Placing pallets on the floor can help keep belongings off the ground and protect against dampness.

Optimize Space:

Disassemble furniture to maximize space. Store large items vertically and keep frequently used items near the front of the unit.

Check Security Features: 

Ensure the facility has adequate security measures, such as CCTV cameras, gated access, and individual locks. This is a major factor in choosing the right facility for you.

Extra Tips

Navigational Ease

When selecting a unit, consider facilities that are easily accessible from major landmarks or roads like Highway 10, which runs through Booneville.

Community and Support

Engage with facilities that have a good standing in the community, perhaps recognized by the Booneville Development Corporation or the South Logan County Chamber of Commerce.

Nearby Convenience

When choosing a storage unit, consider the proximity to everyday amenities that can make the storage experience more convenient. For instance, selecting a facility near essential shopping areas, such as the local Walmart located on E Main Street, Booneville, provides easy access to packing supplies and other necessities. This is particularly useful for those last-minute storage trips where you might need to purchase additional boxes, tape, or protective coverings.

Choosing the right storage unit in Booneville requires understanding your needs, planning for the future, and preparing your items for storage. By following these guidelines, you can find the perfect storage solution that protects your belongings and suits your budget.